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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  June 9, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> i have to play harder and more intense. at that confident that got us to this point. >> i know that our fans. louder than we have ever heard. >> it is too loud we may just quit. (laughter) >> gary:warrior fans hit the road to support their team. >> gary: curry to test to make his shot. --just have
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to make his shots >> gary: the other team wins that makes its a real challenge get grant says we just want them to win. if you loved a sports and understand sports new the that is going to be a challenge for both tonight. >> catherine:yes, a little suspense. >> catherine: right now they're packing cleveland's 'quicken loans' arena.where tip-off is less than an hour away. kron 4's j.r. stone is live in cleveland tonight with more. j-r? >> reporter: well catherine, you talk about a warrior fans out here they
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are hard to come by creek this evening. you can hear the music behind me. we are here in enemy territory. there are cavalier's stance every which way. this is right outside of the orlando where we would see them play in about one hour. off in the distance you can see the stage. it is all cleveland out here creek but, i did come across some warrior fans that came out. i said one think have you been getting on harassed? this is what they had to say... >> yes we did get harassed a little bit. they did say that this was a lebraun country. >> up to the hotel and try to check in for it she said she was unsure if she could check us and because we had
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on our warriors shorts. -- shirts >> >> reporter: do you hang out with these guys even though they are dressed like that? >> are longtime friends. -- we are >> tomorrow we are going to the jets' game. it is better and better >> reporter: driving all oil mother country grit going to the giants game. that is an expensive route print it is going to be a good one inside tonight print all of the cleveland fan system are going to be locked in addition creek and some of the warrior fans sit in should be an exciting night creek back to you in the
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studio! >> catherine: grant? >> grant:strength in numbers. >> grant:warriors ownership decided to bring the whole front office staff to cleveland for games 3. >> grant:this picture was tweeted out.saying: >> grant:joe lacob is chartering a flight so that all full-time #warriors employees can >> grant: the dubs booked 195 hotel rooms in cleveland. >> grant:unclear where all these >> grant:but the dubs are two point tonight.based an factors other than traveling employee support. >> grant:the dubs are also still >> grant: catherine?
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>> catherine:as the warriors battle it out tonight in cleveland. there are lots of excited fans here at tome. >> catherine:as kron four's terisa they're >> catherine:having fun buying up the team gear. >> catherine:check out these new hats . kron four news was there in concord when employees lifted these limited edition warriors finals hats out of the boxes tuesday. this store only received 24 white baseball caps. and they were hot tickets. >>micheal haggins/warriors fan yeah, i gotta have one. >> reporter:the black hats that came out two weeks ago are long gone from most stores and are now selling for nearly 5 times the price on ebay. >> reporter:besides the hats fans were loading up on all things warriors today in anticipation of the game. >>amador patino/warriors fan i think curry is going to rally.
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>>- go warriors >> reporter:this mom says she has decked out her whole family in blue and gold. already some people are already talking about the p word you know parade. joy muhlesteinwarriors fan >> reporter: do you think we are jinxing things by talking about it? >> no, and i am going! my husband doesn't like crowds, but we are going. >>hector delgado/warriors fan on no, i am not talking about it, i am superstitious. i just want them to win, then we will go from there. >> reporter:in concord, te >> catherine:our coverage of the warriors continues online at kron 4 dot com. >> catherine:you can see more game statistics -- and even get a list of watch parties around the bay area. >> catherine:felony kidnapping charges have now been filed against the man accused of abducting a 3- year-old child from a milpitas library. >> catherine:kron four's rob fladeboe was in court for the arraignment of alphonso edington. >> catherine:and reports on
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what prosecutors are saying. >> reporter:23-year-old alphonso david edington was shackled at the waist as he entered department 23 here at the hall of justice on tuesday felony kidnapping charges in a case the prosecutor described like this. >>brandon cabera/dep. dist. attorney -- >> your child is kidnapped in public during broad daylight only a few feet from you. >> reporter:alphonso edington is accused of abducting a 3-year-old boy last friday morning from the children's section of the north main street library here in milpitas. the child was recovered unharmed and edington arrested by police thanks in part to a vta driver who spotted the pair on his fremont-bound bus. >> reporter:a one time resident of pittsburg, california court records show edington was charged with assault after allegedly punching a man on the street in los gatos. prosecutors say they have yet to determine whether that case is relevant, whether
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edington planned to it was a crime of opportunity. >>brandon cabera/dep. dist attorney over 100 people interviewed and we still have more to do so as we progress we will learn more accurate. >> reporter:other than to exchange a few words with his attorney, edington showed no emotion during his brief appearance in court. >> reporter:if convicted edington faces a maximum sentence of 11 scheduled to return to court next week. bail is set at $100,000. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> pam: a teenaged girl who was hit and killed by a car in san rafael june 2nd - has been identified. >> pam: >> catherine: her principal says aura machado was a junior at san rafael high. >> catherine: police say her parents decided to end life support after consulting with doctors.
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>> catherine: the teenager had been jogging on the sidewalk when she stepped into the road to avoid a fallen tree. >> catherine: police say that's when she was hit by a minivan. >> catherine: investigators say the driver tested well below legal >> catherine: bart is recovering from equipment problems at a bart yard on the fremont line. >> catherine:bart service stopped between of a fire at a poweraround noon today. >> catherine:the problem was fixed - and service has been restored to the fremont line. >> catherine:there are still residual delays up to 15 minutes on the fremont, richmond and daly city directions. >> catherine:a worker was injured some mines at the black diamond mines regional preserve near antioch. >> catherine:the man was standing on scaffolding inside the mine when a large rock hit >> catherine:him on the chest this morning around 11. >> catherine:the man's coworkers were able to bring him to the top of the mine -
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before medics arrived. >> catherine: still ahead. >> catherine:police tactics are questioned - after officers in salinas are caught on video beating a man with batons. >> catherine:what the chief is saying - next. >> catherine:also - a fire destroys several cars at a novato dealership. >> catherine:why investigators think it's arson. >> catherine:and san francisco lawmakers make a big decision on labels on sugary drinks. >> reporter: we will be back!
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>> grant:it's the latest video that has police investigating their own. >> grant:this video is going viral on you-tube.showing salinas police officers beating a suspect. >> grant:this was last friday. police say the guy was drunk, on meth.and has just tried to throw his mom into oncoming traffic. >> grant:28-year-old jose velasco is hit repeatedly batons while he's on the ground. >> grant:many think the treatment isthe chief is urging people to be calm while the behavior is investigated. --is excessive >> grant:
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>>"just the video alone i agree is horrific and inflammatory but when you start making sense of how we got there and what the officers were trying to accomplish there then still doesn't make it pretty but makes i think people understand, with that information now it makes more sense." >> grant:velasco was taken to the hospital with a fractured leg. he charged with assault resisting arrest and violating parole. all but one of the officers involved in the incident are back on the job. >> catherine:the texas officer seen in a video - pushing a girl to the ground - has resigned. >> catherine:mckinney police chief greg conley says the actions of officer david casebolt were "indefensible." >> catherine:it happened last friday as police responded to complaints about a pool party at a community-owned swimming pool. >> catherine:the video also showed casebolt brandishing his gun. >> catherine:che was put on administrative leave after the incident.and later resigned while under investigation. >> catherine:police are investigating an arson at a car dealership in novato. >> catherine:it happened early this morning on redwood boulevard near lamont avenue. >> catherine:when officers arrived - they found that
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several cars that had been set on fire. >> catherine:kron 4's jackie sissel has the latest. >> reporter:the man dubbed the 'clean-cut bandit' is now linked to another bank heist in the north bay. >> reporter:darius gilbert was arrested friday at a hotel in the bel air neighborhood of los angeles. >> reporter: not before two vehicles were completely destroyed and two others were sustaining moderate damage. the investigation began immediately. they did determine that the fire was arson. they had a chance to talk with the operations manager at a delicious and said those cars to be worth more than $100,000. >> had to vehicles that are at a total loss. 2015 shed the boat. if you that can be
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fixable creek--volts >> reporter: there are two exterior cameras that may have captured the crime creek this is that the police department doesn't now have the tapes and their dpt. possesion. >> catherine:police believe he robbed several banks in san francisco and antioch. >> catherine:also - a bank last week in san rafael. >> catherine:they believe gilbert robbed seven banks in the past two months. >> catherine:the u-s attorney's office is prosecuting gilbert.
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>> reporter:hundreds of people rallied afternoon making impassioned pleas before an on senate bill 277. >> reporter:experts say california's proposal to impose one of laws in the nation will likely boost immunization rates by changing parents' behavior. >> reporter:but one pediatrician that specializes in infectious disease, says a large portion of people that demand personal belief exemptions stay in place are not fundamentally opposed to vaccination. >> reporter:he says some parents simply find it more convenient to children, than to schedule full immunizations. >> reporter:the california bill aims to increase school immunization rates by eliminating the personal belief exemption. >> catherine:san francisco could be the on ads for soda and other sugary drinks. >> catherine:and it also won't use city money to buy them. today the board of supervisors approved three new ordinances. >> catherine:one requires the a health warning on all ads on san francisco billboards.walls and the sides of cabs and busses.
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>> catherine:another bans ads on city property. and the third says city money can't be used to buy the drinks. >> catherine:final approval is still needed at a future meeting. san francisco - san >> catherine:and san francisco isn't the only city concerned aboutnew york city could become the first to require a warning on salty menu items at chain restaurants. >> catherine:the city's health department is proposing that a symbol of a salt shaker should be required on anything over the daily recommended salt limit. >> catherine:9 in 10 americans reportedly eat too much salt. >> catherine:the agency that supplies water to san francisco and many other communities in the bay area is asking customers to continue trying to conserve during this historic drought. >> catherine:the san francisco p-u-c says its water storage is at only 53- percent capacity. >> catherine:the hetch hetchy and crystal springs reservoirs are being kept at or near-full. >> catherine:but the agency
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also keeps what they call a water bank at the don pedro reservoir. >> catherine:but it's at only 13 percent. >> catherine:they say compared to other state utilities - they're in good shape.but need customers to continue to look for ways to save. >>"during this drought" >> catherine:the utility wants their customers to cut back an additional 10- percent of their water demand. >> catherine:to help, they are releasing what they are calling "provocative" advertisements. >> catherine:like this one reading "go full frontal".which suggests using a front loading washer which uses less water than top loaders. return to index >> catherine:more than 300- million dollars intended for california drought relief has reportedly been sitting untouched in government bank accounts for years. >> catherine:lawmakers voted to have the money used for things like protecting wells
5:20 pm
and upgrading water systems. >> catherine:but documents from the governors office show that nearly half the money has not been awarded or spent. >> catherine:state officials say the pace of spending is slow.but argue that's so they can use the money wisely. >> catherine:water surcharges coming to the east bay. the east bay municipal utility district board voted and approved a surcharge today. >> catherine:it would raise water rates by eight percent. and a temporary twenty five percent drought surcharge. officials say the surgarge is aimed at getting customers to reduce using water by twenty percent. >> catherine:the board held a public hearing before the vote. >> catherine:in the middle of this record breaking drought. >> catherine:san mateo county health officials warn that there's a higher risk of rabies.because more wild animals are looking for water.and coming closer to homes. >> catherine:health officials recommend getting pets vaccinated against rabies.
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>> catherine:the disease is 100% fatal in animals. and can be deadly to humans if not treated right away. >> reporter: here is what the rest of your evening will look like during the overnight hours per it with 20 percent chance of a thunderstorm mainly in the north bay in the neck but area. 69 for the coast and inland at 85 creek 30 percent chance of showers scattered throughout the course of the east bay will talk more about that coming up. >> reporter: progressing into tomorrow you will see that the storm will become more like to moderate rainshowers as we get through the system in place. with talk more about the 7 day forecast coming up! >> catherine: kron 4 is celebrating the class of 20- 15. >> catherine: next. meet a
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top graduate who's making his dream a reality. >> catherine: and later. the t-s-a is on the hot seat for a series of security failures.
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>> catherine: the class of 2015 includes many inspiring graduates. >> catherine: the next chapter in their lives -- just about to begin. >> catherine: as we celebrate their accomplishments. kron4's terisa estacio introduces us >> reporter:he is the first in his family to head out off to continue to shine a light on top graduates in the bay area we turn our attention to alexis flores. kron four's terisa estacio caught up with flores to find out how this grad perservered to make his dreams come true. >> reporter:alexis flores sat calmly in class - despite the fact, this was an extordinary day. >> reporter:this was the last day of high school and for flores that is a very big deal. not only is is graduating with top honors from vintage high in the fall, he is heading off to uc santa cruz - his dream pick. plus, there is this flores is the first in
5:25 pm
>>sot/tc: i think everyone here helped me a lot. >>sot/tc: you meet someone like that and you think wow. >> reporter:vintage high school prinicipal micahel pearson says he is very proud of from his teachers >>sot/ leslie he is just so nice. >> reporter:besides his steller academic performance - his friends and teachers also say what makes alexis a stand out student is his compassion. in years past, he has ventured to costa rica to help build playgrounds for poverty stricken elementary school students. >>he is the nicest person i know he helped me and that is saying a lot. >> reporter:and when you talk with alexiis it is clear that what you see is what you get a person who cares and wants to make a difference. >>and it is that sot/tc: i really want to give back. >> reporter: in napa te
5:26 pm
kron4 news >> catherine: you can meet all the top grads we've featured this month. on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> catherine:just click on the top grad button on our home page. coming up at 5:30.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: >> reporter: mature into the majority of those that lost
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services with the abrupt change and temperatures to p g and d by surprised. we did >> have our temperature prediction model and teen but everyone is always watching and making sure that we are prepared as we can be. but sometimes mother nature's set up up unexpectedly. when something like this does happen we do go out and make repairs at and replace the equipment that has been filled. so that the capacity is stronger and the liability will be stronger credit >> make sure it is strong enough so last summer comes around we are able to expand the hot summer days. >> reporter: mostly cloudy conditions permit here is what to expect for the rest of the evening what 20
5:31 pm
percent. clonic conditions at 30 percent chance of showers with a light breeze and lo and approval system for it coming in from the southwest as it pushes further into our region. with our chance of thunderstorms tonight. in a 30 percent chance of showers tomorrow. >> reporter: to increase the chances would 224 concord and 40 and hayward right now. as far as tomorrow goes, up 30 percent chance tomorrow with the increase of chances with cloud coverage as well. >> reporter: temperatures in the '90s by thursday. i will have your full 7 day forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
5:32 pm
>> catherine: security jitters in the nation's capital today --- >> catherine: as parts of the white house and two congressional office buildings were briefly evacuated because of bomb threats or suspicious packages. >> catherine: alecia reid is here with more on a story that saw the news media in the middle of a breaking story. >> catherine: alecia? >> reporter:catherine, this is what it looked like as the press corps was escorted out of the executive mansion. >> reporter:thumbs hard at work as reporters tweeted out the breaking story happening not around them but *to* them. >> reporter: half the zero everyone went inside. screens journalists used
5:33 pm
>> reporter: triggered by a bomb threat. >> the figure that they need to evacuate the room for the safety of all of us. >> reporter: president obama was at the white house. the president was here in the oval office and remained there during the bomb threat. suspicious packages trigger to he evacuations in a separate senate office building. >> ok we are clearing the floor.
5:34 pm
ironically the hearing that >> catherine: was evacuated was dealing with airport security. >> catherine: and that hearing was pretty heated itself. >> catherine: just this week, we learned that the t- s-a failed to identify 73 active aviation workers with links to terrorism. >> catherine: and last week another report found that airline screeners allowed banned items---including weapons and explosives--to pass security 67 out of 70 times. >> catherine: today the senators questioned if "generally" is good enough. return to index >> catherine: former house speaker dennis hastert today pleaded not guilty to federal criminal charges >> catherine: at his arraignment in chicago. >> catherine: he's accused of trying to hide hush money payments and lying about it to the f-b-i. >> catherine: prosecutors say he agreed to pay someone more than three million
5:35 pm
dollars to cover up past misconduct. >> catherine: sources say it was to hide sexual misconduct years ago - with a high school boy. >> catherine: hastert worked as a teacher and wrestling coach in illinois before turning to politics. >> catherine: the illinois republican served as house speaker from 19-99 to 2007. return to >> catherine: the search for two convicted killers who escaped from prison this weekend is >> catherine: now centered on a small new york town. >> catherine: richard matt weat were discovered missing after someone reported two suspicious men walking down a road in the middle of a storm in the town of willsboro. >> catherine: willsboro is about 30 miles away from the prison,. >> catherine: a prison employee is being questioned as authorities try to determine if the two had helped escaping. >> they're looking all around a little bit creek
5:36 pm
they ran out of my yard. >> reporter:the search continues for two convicted killers who broke out of a new york prison. >> reporter:authorities believe the men are on the run. but there are still many questions about how the two managed to escape. >> reporter:cnn's polo sandoval reports. >> reporter:a female prison employee who prisoners at a tailoring shop has been questioned by authorities. >> reporter:she was described as being "somewhat cooperative" after >> reporter:authorities are trying to determine if she provided to the inmates. >> reporter:but so far police have not said if she played any role in the escape. >> reporter:what we do know is that the freedoms for good behavior. >> reporter:it included being part of an "honor block" where inmates are allowed to go outside every day and congregate together inside in the evenings. >>"getting in the honor unit was an orchestrated plan. sometimes in the honor units what they'll do is you know sometimes overlook certain things. ok, you can get the tool back to me later or
5:37 pm
>> reporter:a man who claims to have confronted the fugitives in his backyard on the night of the escape talked to a-b-c >>"they were looking around a little bit. as soon as i came across, they ran out of my yard." >> reporter:he went on to say that one of the escapees sported a buzz cut, wore a white t-shirt and carried what appeared to be a guitar case over his shoulder. >> reporter:thirty five year old david sweat serving life without >> reporter:his accomplice forty nine year old richard matt dismembering his boss. >> reporter:the inmates somehow gained access to power tools and cut a hole in their cell. >> reporter:then they cut through a 24- access to a city sewer. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c or wonder. ...whether i should seek treatment.
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>> catherine: well fargo is facing religious backlash over an ad featuring a lesbian couple. >> catherine: christian evangelist franklin graham.son of the reverend billy graham.has voiced his concern that the ad displays a message that is against christian beliefs. >> catherine: the ad features a lesbian couple practicing sign-language before adopting their hearing-impaired daughter. >> catherine: graham has decided that the billy graham evangelistic association wll no longer do business with the bank. >> catherine: wells fargo has responded to the backlash by saying that they continue to support the l-g- b-t community.
5:41 pm
>> grant:video from u.s. departmentnot all robots are as smooth as the transformers. that was clear at the 20-15 "darpa" robotics challenge finals in california over the weekend. >> grant:about two-dozen teams from around the world competed. >> grant:each team's robot had one hour to accomplish eight tasks, including opening a door, driving a car, pulling a lever and climbing stairs. >> grant:the goal -- build a robot that can help in disaster inspired by the 20- 11 earthquake and tsunami disaster in japan. teams worked on their robots for three years -- and work ahead. a team from south korea took first prize. "darpa" stands for the projects agency.
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yoplait! it's snack time! oh, look! yoplait original now has 25% less sugar. time to taste it. how is it? it tastes good! congratulations yoplait! you did it! yoplait! >> catherine: new at 6! counting down to game 3 of the nba finals.
5:45 pm
>> catherine: pence to read the bay area are gathering. to watch the next game creek this one is an walnut creek. >> reporter: are in alameda creek at the alameda. the interpret where things are taken off by 4:00 as you can see. but are expecting about a hundred people this theater will have a glass of beer or wine is also if for a ruling family environment. --really a friendly >> reporter: as soon as curry came up to the theater there was an
5:46 pm
applause. >> i am hoping that he will jump out of his slump like he had the other games and make more three-pointers. i think i was the issue with the last game because he was missing so many of his shot creek. >> all the stories that he can. --make llall the tjehe three's that he can. >>this is our time! >> reporter: this is want to be a good one trick people are getting their seats and getting their refreshments. people have been lining up for tickets yesterday we are
5:47 pm
going to see a full theater and that will be rowdy bailout. --and loud >> pam: that many >> catherine: now many in species that i can see. -- not many in empty seats >> catherine: looks like fun, think you daniel patrick >> reporter: barely make out the golden gate bridge this is what it will look like for the rest of the evening creek temperatures 472 for concord 764 livermore. 68 for hayward. s 64 offered san francisco. increase in
5:48 pm
closed adjutancy in place with temperatures 85 inland. 10:00 p.m., thunderstorms are possible and the north bay region but a slight chance of that happening. >> reporter: 58 am tomorrow a chance of showers because of the upper level system in place come in from the southwest along with the rap brown wilshire. with the rap on ground moisture pricked >> reporter: the height of the peninsula is a 65% bruno, as it progress in the east bay shoreline 674 richmond and 74 alameda. >> reporter: brett wood at
5:49 pm
87 and 80 out in walnut creek. again increase of showers about 30 percent here in the afternoon hours. 76 for campbell and lost battles at 83 degrees and 74 mountain view. >> reporter: it looks like meant to high seventies for the north bay. >> reporter: 5 degrees inland and 75 for the east bay. >> reporter: be at the rest of the week 91 thursday in the heat will return on friday with trickle-down in place for the weekend. >> reporter: are we going to see another baby boom? >> become but not a bone but something on the uptake.
5:50 pm
>> millennial are living at home that are the ones having the baby spirit >> reporter: not a fluke. for the next six years this is a story? >> be blown welcomes a plus and rob black swirled correct --rob black's world >> reporter: >> this is not the first time that lebraun has given a black eye to samsung. this again lebraun james does not have the best professional endorsers of all time creek
5:51 pm
>> reporter: and you have that mentality have seen that apple is more a luxury item then this is what you will have. >> reporter: you have to work there for a year if you want to be qualified creek is $6,200 again starbucks has already started doing this. they are trying to get employees to a that is a design for the economy. it is a nice mold and help get employee since the lewis' employes. --will help get employees. instead of losing employees
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>> catherine: a second lawsuit has been up against take engineer in connection with a bill for car accident. it happened in february on california pacific coast highway. the lawsuit was filed but a woman who works as a talent manager in hollywood. she was driving a previous that was part of a chain reaction crash in malibu every seventh. the lawsuit claims
5:55 pm
that jenner was driving recklessly and caused the collision. seeks unspecified damages the driver of one of the other car 69 year old of calabasas calif. died at the same her stepchildren have already filed a civil lawsuit against gen are. -- jenner >> reporter: prosecutor vincent has died he's the man responsible for putting charles manson behind bars in the murder of actress sharon tate the lawyer turned author died over the weekend at age 80 the insider to be an interest in elle and with more on the obsession with the manson. >> reporter: catherine creek it's been 46 yes it--years
5:56 pm
since manson and his followers commit those gruesome murders in beverly hills. but a pop culture's fascination with a mad man lives on hundred >> reporter: in bc fixated on mantegna, making him a pivotal part of its that in the '60s detective series aquarius. >> reporter: the serious stars' game throws and kapernick and david the caulking. >> i think people are interested and the real '60s. >> reporter: it was the most heinous crime ever committed seven people killed in cold blood among them actress sharon tate and eight months pregnant at the time her sister deborah still goes to the mansion of family
5:57 pm
members during a hearing creek >> catherine: coming up! what is the fourth of july without fireworks for it if you use the wrong kind and they are lit up when you're properly you could be in big trouble. we are live in cleveland for game 3 of the nba finals for it in a sea of cavalier fans refine warrior die-hards who plan to be loud tonight. looking for a victory there is a lot more news ahead next on kron 4 news at 6.
5:58 pm
(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> it is a sense of urgency
5:59 pm
now obviously this been the finals and we have to, and not let any quarters any positions go as he tried to win three more games. >> catherine: curry crit try to get out of his thought getting some shot up before game 3 of the nba finals tipped off just minutes away. good evening, and catherine heenan >> catherine: golden state " to avoid going down to-1 in the best of the seven series that has now shifted to cleveland new video this hour. we did see some warrior fans out cyclical lows are arena but as you can see mostly cavalier colors and there. kron4 j.r. stone is live in cleveland. he taught to warrior fans before tonight's big game. j.r.?
6:00 pm
>> reporter: it are you going to do if the crowd gets very loud? >> if it is too loud. we may just quit and go home for it and maybe a late flight and we will forfeit. hopefully we can get them at home and get our crowd will be really loud. (laughter) >> to prepare for what ever we will play on the road. >> reporter: curve still having a good time role in what some of those questions that are coming from all over. all cleveland fans i did come across a warrior fans out here that made the trip to rid this said that it was a lot cheaper because the game is there.
6:01 pm
>> we found them. >> we may have, but i would not say it on camera. >> reporter: any warrior fans in pittsburgh? >> think so, but most of my pants are. --friends >> reporter: key up a national following accurate and that is evident the out. if the pen to the right you can see all of the folks that are watching the game. lot of cleveland cavalier
6:02 pm
fans not just inside the arena but outside of it as well. kaplan, now back to you and the studio! >> catherine: are a lot of watch party is happening all around the bay area tonight for those that could not go to cleveland >> catherine: it is pretty full court right daniel? there >> reporter: is a lot of energy tonight just waiting on this thing to get started. anytime a key warrior, they began to cheer and you can hear the bullet right now. (cheers & applause) >> reporter: this is quite the same right here so what is using one of those plastic horns creek it is where you are watching 8 at
6:03 pm
nashville basketball association game on the big screen creek is a lot of fun down here creek. >> reporter: the want to win. a mockery to hit those the reporters. --three pointers. are expecting about a hundred people some people are still trickling in print a lot of fun will happen here at the alameda theater. >> catherine: grant, he is gone. (laughter) >> grant: daniel is not there. >> grant: limited edition warriors hat.
6:04 pm
>> grant: state are in short supply only a few stores that will get the right hat. >> i think that it will be tough and is the the warriors losing creek. >> reporter: it's been stressful to watch >> it is very stressful but am glad that they are here. >> grant: that hat are just line off the rack.
6:05 pm
>> grant: warrior fans are representing in cleveland print with a colorful or right of fanfold and not more at kron4 die concord-- >> reporter: liquid sugar is the new tobacco as far as public health advocates are concerned. today the second fiscal board of supervisors voted and that is most unanimously on three new or assist health warnings are not required on all sugary drinks, and on any at within city limits. city funds can no longer be used to buy soda creek and soda are now banned one city own property so that aids. many agree, a
6:06 pm
sugary drinks are making people sick and helping fuel the explosion of type 2 diabetes. >> reporter: the ornis will go into of that and a year sentences kobe the first goal went on at for soda and other sugary drinks. kathryn >> catherine: a man accused of abducting a three year old boy from a millipede is library last friday was in court today. 23 year-old alfonso eddington up his work was shackled at the waist as he entered the courtroom he was arraigned on felony kidnapping charges. -police say he snatched the child who was not harmed, from the children's section of the library only to be captured about one hour later after being spotted by a bus driver. police and prosecutors are still trying to determine a motive for
6:07 pm
the crime. >> something that i think that we are all thankful for to bring the child home with an hour. >> catherine: if convicted of felonies kidnapping in the milky this case he faces up to 11 years in state prison. his bill is that at $100,000. >> reporter: you can see the live shot with temperatures and that the fiscal at 63, oakland 66 asset to rosa as 65 degrees we have a system in place causing cloud coverage and decrease in temperature slightly below seasonal average corporate and ahead, you can see more cloud coverage throughout the evening at 10:00 p.m.. slight chance of a gun- showers. 61 degrees for the east bay. 71 breezy with a
6:08 pm
chance of showers. highs by 7:00 a.m.. >> reporter: would talk more about this in just a few minutes explanation part >> reporter: coming up. new details on that major power outage that affected thousands and the east bay. >> catherine: what pg and they believe was the cost terrorist plots a bit of good news during the drop in look at which reservoirs are out or near capacity.
6:09 pm
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nearly 10,000 pg and key customers lost power up the bay area during the heat wave. east bay cities like danville one that creek and brett would make up about half of the total number of service disruptions print that occurred over the past 24 hours. >> catherine: p g ed e.
6:12 pm
recommend visiting local colon systems instead of turning off systems. >> catherine: we will be ♪ ♪ ♪ it took tim morehouse years to master the perfect lunge. but only one attempt to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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>> reporter: los 70's for an location spirit fremont as 66 and the ease the bay shoreline 66% hayward as 773-test 67% half moon bay at 59 degrees >> gary: as >> reporter: the continued to move into the region that is the reason for cloud coverage and increased of showers.
6:19 pm
>> reporter: so you see it as it progresses and moved in to the coast there appeared that is why we will have a light chance of showers after it the cash drawer by 11:00, but showers in that club. as we progress into tomorrow. this is what i am talking about. san francisco and san mateo moderate shane moderate rain showers. over in oakland and richmond location spirit >> reporter: as it goes into when they see widespread of cloud coverage and heating up things with 85 degrees wednesday in chance of showers mostly sunny and are expecting more of a cool down to it
6:20 pm
>> catherine: debt t s e is getting some heat from congress at an embarrassing list of securities the delegates came to light. emily has more on today's hearings on capitol hill. >> chairman, home and security committee we are clearing the floor. >> reporter: security is a serious matter in washington. just take a look at this senate hearing room where people were supposed to be talking about the transportation security administration and instead were cleared for a bomb threat. a similar incident occurred at the white house shortly after. capital police and secret service took no chances this as the teeth as a is under fire for
6:21 pm
selling to adequately deal with threats on their own >> t as they cannot afford to miss a single threat. >> reporter: recent news digest system weakness monday report revealed the teeth as they did not identify 73 active aviation workers with links to terrorism >> to the extent there were a vulnerability i believe its close but certainly gives you pause that the situation was allowed to continue. >> reporter: one week earlier another report found the airline screeners allowed banned items including weapons and explosives to pass 67 out of seven times. >> reporter: ranking member homeland security committee to reporter field for detecting for him the items and shop at checkpoints are more than troubling they are unacceptable.
6:22 pm
>> catherine: airline profits should reach new highs this year but did not count on lower fares air travel export says airlines are expected to make about $30 billion in crop is the sheer a record high. its banks to lower fuel costs and the more efficient use of planes. as for why this does not mean lower fares expects baxter said the industry might have to deal with tighter import charges and taxes.
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
law is similar to what is held accountable for under age drinking at parties even if they are not at home creek property owners who break the lock to pay between 300 be to what thousand dollars. the crackdown is meant to prevent injuries. catherine?
6:26 pm
>> catherine: said francisco mayor ed lee has refused to help pay for robotic cameras and the city's jails despite giving a $6.6 million to fund police body cameras over the next two years creek this comes less than four months after an investigation revealed that jill guards allegedly stage fights between county jail inmates. instead of money from the mayor's budget the county sheriff said that it be thousand dollars from his department discretionary funds will be used to pay for a pilot program using 30 body cameras. >> catherine: still ahead more trouble for te'o and gen. the lawsuit just filed in connection with a deadly crash creek also, a potential water wasting up
6:27 pm
caltran during california historic drop in the warehouse are in cleveland for the and the warriors are in cleveland for the finals and so is the leasing of order finance
6:28 pm
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6:30 pm
>> reporter: allegedly abducted a three-year old boy in a children's section of north rhine street library last friday port spotted an hour later from a bus driver at are arrested without incident and the child was not harmed occurred here remains in jail on a $100,000 bill. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> reporter: moss are trying to get relief from the extremely high temperatures because power grid causing a major district construction
6:31 pm
of service. disruption of service for it >> it could impact the grid at all at once creek. >> reporter: half of those lost power in the diablo district service area. >> reporter: buses go public utility commission says there water storage is at 53 percent of maximum capacity. the agency's water bank located at the dom pedro reservoir and central valley is down to 13 percent of what it could be. asking customers to cut back their water usage by 10 percent. >> reporter: you may have noticed this lately we are all supposed to be saving
6:32 pm
water because of the drought. caltran since there are watering this grass until its take root until if filter out a storm water brit >> reporter: cleveland it is all about the game 3 of the national basketball association finals. we are out where these bands that is going on hundreds of people have come out. the action watch the game out here with warriors cavaliers basketball hoping they will and the serious tight. j.r. stone kron4 newsprint >> reporter: there was no way they would miss a game three print.
6:33 pm
for a >> does want to show my fiancee some support she is a big-time warriors fan. (cheers & applause) >> reporter: that are not the only warriors fan from california. this guy can to show that he had their back. >> greatest failing thrift i do not want it to stop. we go to the championship and bring it to the bay area. >> reporter: let is starving for a championship they haven't won a title in any sports and 50 years. >> it is a heartbreak heard of this is a hard brick town and we are used to being the underdog. it feels good to have that feeling that you may win some think and in has been fun.
6:34 pm
the cavaliers >> reporter: 3 games away from a title warriors' chances yes they feel sorry for cleveland fans but not fast sorry for them. >> reporter: we found out at the sports authority employees opening up to boxes of these limited baseball caps accurate they are only getting a couple of these until they are gone and when the oregon that would be totally out creek >> reporter: they believe that if they dressed and had to toll and warriors of the been the increase of the warriors winning here--tere sa >> catherine:
6:35 pm
>> reporter: to mike a slight chance of thunderstorms mailing in the north bay. and the morning mostly cloudy conditions with 30 percent of showers widespread before 11:00 a.m. creek libraries because of the upper level system in our area chance of the beast with 58 in oakland inland location should be almost 66 at antioch and lead to 10 with 56 overnight and half moon bay at 57. >> reporter: app and a high with a low seasonal temperatures 84 plaza 10 and 85 for livermore with the east bay shoreline locations at low 70's. >> reporter: 85 tomorrow
6:36 pm
with the chance of showers creek come thursday 90 degrees and land and by friday the heat will return with 79 for east bay and the weekend stunt plenty of sunshine. the heat will stay in place and tone the middle of next week. >> catherine: become a famous when he prosecuted manson and his followers convicted of the brutal murders of sharon tate, hollywood actress and six other people. political all for the board called helter- skelter with more details of the trial. he leaves behind a wife and two children. >> catherine: seeking
6:37 pm
unspecified damages claim that jenner caused the accident driving recklessly her stepchildren have already filed a civil lawsuit against jenner. >> catherine: we are back with kron 4 news at 8:00. >> catherine: a big meeting regarding the perks add sweetening the deal of the raiders. >> reporter: comcast x affinity has just unveiled a new remote-control with a very unique feature. i am gabe slate to an end tonight at 8:00 p.m. and i will have that report.
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>> reporter: coming up around to score but the story is coming the 17th of giant pitcher in history to throw a no-hitter with nine innings and no hit with nine strikeouts but he did hit a batter at the ninth ending the was not perfect game. he also worked walt a few. -- walked >> reporter: now here is the
6:46 pm
all-star buster posy for giants by the way in the mix of the all-star squad. of course, the voting will be going on for another month or so. >> reporter: hosting the texas rangers with the first bay area with the right and left creek you probably know his story by now. the switch pitcher in the majors. a look at the headlines with one newspaper reading the amphibious pitcher making its debut. asked about that
6:47 pm
blunder? >> i did see it creek--how that kind of got out of hand. >> it is hard to put into words. it will be just as hard to stay. >> reporter: the warriors and game 3 taking on the cavaliers and we have an update for you. as to look at the scoreboard patrick our scoreboard with a feeling that and maybe different from this creek >> grant: we are actually in a commercial and i have been switching back and forth and watching you. so i do not have it updated score for you print
6:48 pm
>> reporter: shh not everyone wants to wash the delivery of the bay be some people to want to see the baby. we will update to grant is breaking 31-26 cleveland britt warriors are down 5% a slow start for currey. no curry serve their today at the deli dog and cheese shop. >> reporter: everyone is getting in the final spirit here at home and at cleveland creek. >> reporter: post-game reaction highlight sports night live this sunday night at 9:00. >> reporter: could there be
6:49 pm
a fifth niner retire. derek reid says he had considered retiring because of the three concussions he has suffered and to national football league seasons. he has far from ruled out the subject of retirement if he suffers another concussion. he says if he has another one he feels that he doesn't play anymore and then he will not occurred there is a doctor looking into it the niners, just seem like a the hits keep coming for them. >> reporter: asked about all the work he has done on mechanics with former nba player kirk one. >> i have noticed a little bit of a change. i does want
6:50 pm
to do everything i can to make sure that i am getting ready. >> reporter: what is interesting about kapernick the big contract that we have heard about he has an out clause for it every season-ticket the niners could cut him at any time in some of a make or break year for him because harbaugh is gone and he had an off year last year with a new offensive player and coach. >> reporter: two outs and bottom nine with the strike out to it struck out with 11 in the game and a no-hitter for the giants as they beat the mets 5-0. to throw a no- hitter. that day to throw
6:51 pm
when everyone is watching the finals but i'm sure that is not on his mind right now. >> reporter: has in a way to soon will be honored later this month is a longtime spokesman john cardinality print card valley died from gastric cancer in 20131 of the six honorees to be in dr. it and not up on junk 25th street and construction of what the toyota 350. just a great guy. he is missed every single day. >> reporter: >> catherine: anything else going on in sports? >> reporter: yes it is a
6:52 pm
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see what spam can! do... at >> stanley: people behaving badly n at 8! >> catherine: intel announced early in this year to spend $300 million on the first the effort to separate the company promised to make the work force closely resembled the u.s. work force by 2020 creek and
6:56 pm
dianne is here creek talking maybe rain. >> reporter: we will have showers in place for early morning commute. eighties or low 80s at the east bay shoreline. there you have a separate genus of showers again for the early morning commute you can't expect showers there at 118 am with 85 high current 74 for the coast corporate look at friday that he will return 96 degrees will pop out for the and our location secret 71 for the coast. one day of cloudy conditions with a chant of light rain showers. for the early morning commute. and it should clear up and warming temperatures >> catherine: tested
6:57 pm
interesting creek has been hot, cold and then rain. >> catherine: see you at 8 every 13
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"the insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. shocking new allegations about the troubled life of whitney houston's daughter. >> often with pills. >> addiction, extortion, and lesbian love affairs? the explosive claims in the controversial book about the downfall of whitney houston and bobbi kristina. >> people are shaking in their boots now that they might be charged. >> but is the author exploiting the family tragedy as bobbi fights for her life? >> i might be downsizing. what does the real housewife owe the government now? and don't worry about what's going down off courts. >> /* plus, chris pratt might struggle with his sexy leading man status, but how well does
7:00 pm
the "jurassic world" star know his dinosaurs? >> huge body size of a walnut. >> that's the chris pratt of dinosaurs. >> now hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider" together with yahoo. the book is out today. whitney and bobbi kristina, the deadly price of fame. it is explosive. alleging whitney houston's daughter, bobbi kristina, was suicidal and addicted to drugs by the time she was 14 years old. these are the claims of author ian halperin. >> he's a new york times best seller. tell-alls from michael jackson, celine dion, james taylor. is he exposing the inner demons with insight into the dangerous whitney/kristina mother/daughter bond? or exploiting the tragedy for quick cash? we ask him point-blank today. >> i'm an investigative journalist. for all the people criticizing, is the world bet


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